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What Is Your Legacy?

During a fresh speech, I told the addressees that my mission was to authorize the self-employed to succeed. At once a hand shot up in the audience.

The Chi of New Homes: Feng Shui-ness and Destiny

When my wife and I were pointed for a new Las Vegas home in 2002, we sought after it to have a solid foundation based on Feng Shui principles. My wife researched the nuts and bolts and we absolute to build a home that met our needs and supported good Chi.

Self-Divine-ation: Essential a Divine Future!

In some of my psychoanalysis and lessons sessions, my clients ask me to act a analysis to tell them their future. In many cases, my rejoinder is, "why don't you tell me your future?" They stop and stare, speechless.

The Joy Of Active In The Zone

What do colonize want most in the world? What is the most sought-after goal? From the minute we arouse to the flash we close our eyes at night, what is it we seek every diminutive of the day?We want to feel good. The basic motivation at the back of every accomplishment we take is the ask to feel happy.

Stopping Time

Six hundred feet arranged down! Naught to break the fall. I've got to change channels.

Where Are The Punctuation Points In Your Life?

We live in a very busy age with many pressures and burden on our time. Often in workplaces there is a background of busyness, where it's crucial to be seen to be busy and stressed.

Ego, Arrogance, and Self-Esteem

The pursuit of pleasure and the dodging of pain are not our only motivators. Whether you achieve it or not, our underlying drive in life is to delimit and pursue our true drive in life.

Whats Your Plan? Crafty Your Future

So you have set your goals for the year. Congratulations!I have come to deem most of us set our goals for faulty reasons.

Great Contact Skills

Having good communiqu? skills in the headquarters is important. This commentary will endow with tips to take into checking account a fast varying workplace.

Making New Friends

How do we make friends? More prominently if dropped into a new city or a new job or a new school, how do we go about assembly a new friends? Most of us don't especially think about it, but just sort of allow ancestors to float in and out of our lives devoid of actually paying any interest to how we pull new ancestors into our lives.Years ago, my son was four years old and initial preschool.

Demanding Miracles

Have you ever had an overwhelming catch or issue? Was there some event in your life that seemed away from your capability to code name it? Have you ever called out to God, Buddha, protector angels, The Force, your senior self, Mohammed, Nurse Earth, doesn't matter what name you give that spirit? To find an all-encompassing name devoid of prejudice towards any one belief system, I'll just hereby use the word 'god' to refer to doesn't matter what or whoever it is that you pray to for assistance and guidance. Have you cried out to your god for help and guidance with some disaster in your life? Did you get an answer? Did you get help?When we get the help and assistance we've just asked for, we begin to have all is well in the heavens.

The Manifestations Of Self

A man is detainee contained by himself. He dwells in a candor which is definite to bounds, he breathes in an ambience rapt to limits, he nurtures a dried-up valiance with the bizarre promises of trepidation, he is extreme to his contented and eternal only to his perception.

The Inner Critic Unveiled

Watch your thoughts; they befall words.Watch your words; they be converted into actions.

Give The Wrong Words An Inch And They May Take A Mile!

What do you do when state of affairs seem out of control? What's the first thing you look for? Or Whom? What closely runs by means of your mind? Do you yell? Do you curse? Do you go bow up your back like a porcupine receiving ready for all out war?By Word Of Mouth!There is a touch that every one of us has been qualified to do since we were born and yet so few ancestors know how to be in command of it. We have been educated how to talk, but still don't know how to charge our mouth.

A Magnificent Obsession Is The Best Medicine!

The idea I'm about to share with you can bring you the best hope. It can bring you happiness ahead of everything you've ever dreamed.

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