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I have at last come to accept as true a bit about for my part since so many people have said the same thing to me - I mean the EXACT same decree - over the past year. It is about a little about me that others notice, which quite frankly, just comes so as expected to me that I have never noticed before.

It is a characteristic that, when useful to your life, will permit you to live the life you have all the time dreamed of since it will put you in the central point of relationships that will plainly force you to success! You see, no one lives their dreams lacking a lot of help from other people. I know a lot of successful colonize and all along the way, they all had others you went to bat for them and gave them a selection hand.

So, you are in all probability wondering what it is that I bare about my self, aren't you?

Here is what I hear a lot: "Chris, you know more citizens than any person I know. "

Here are some other variations: "Chris, you are the most coupled character I know. " "Chris, your arrangement includes just about everyone!"

So I on track idea about it and I realized some things.

In the last year I have put citizens together, as in "Call this guy. He'll help you. Tell him I told you to call. " so many times that I am guessing there will be at least $500,000 worth of affair done and maybe that much again in salaries made.

Do you bring to mind the "Six Degrees of Separation" principle? It says that most people on earth are allied by only six colonize associations - i. e. I know you who knows Joe who knows Sue etc until you get to the other person. Most people can do this with any other character in just six degrees. The more connected you are, the less degrees - and the easier it is to accomplish what you want to accomplish. So I happening idea and I came to the conclusion that most contacts for me are two degrees and even the "toughies" are just three. Don't ask me to pass word on to the President though - he's busy!

Now, let me say this: I am not conceited at all (though I am sure it sounds like it, which is why I was a a small amount averse to write about this topic). In reality, this is a touch I had never especially attention about until just recently.

And, after accepted wisdom about it, I have faith in Everybody - yes, even you - can have the same kinds of network! ANYONE! Why do I accept as true this? For the reason that I started thinking about what has made my complex so supercharged and it comes down to a few clean basics that a person can do. I am no advance than everybody else at all. My Supercharged Exchange ideas has nobody to do at all with me being anymore talented or bright than anybody else! It has to do with a basic understanding of human character and the character of relationships as well as how to apply some main beliefs that will capitalize on your relationships so you can live the life you have all the time dreamed of!

You can have a Supercharged Exchange ideas too! Here are ten "secrets" to success through a supercharged network.

Be successful. Booming associates are sought after out. If you achieve something at what you put your mind and heart to, you will be hunted out by other successful people. Yes, many unsuccessful associates will seek you out as well, but that is the high price you pay to put by hand into the rank of those who succeed! Do your best, accomplish much and watch your complex grow!

Be nice. If you are a jerk colonize will write you off and will quit taking your phone calls as well as avoid the citizens you recommend. I am amazed at how many colonize will sabotage their own accomplishment as they aren't nice to people.

Love to learn. Increasing a complex is about learning. You need to learn about each character you come in call with. You need to learn human nature. You need to learn how associates work together. And this is fascinating stuff! If you do this cleanly to network, colonize will accomplish you are a phony. And phonies get left exterior of the network. I truly love to learn!

Like people. I genuinely like people. There is at all times a mystery with people, always a touch new and exciting. Okay, every so often they burn you, but generally dialect I like ancestors - and that gets noticed. Associates like to be liked. They like to take phone calls from colonize who like them. They like to do affair with associates who are referred by ancestors who like them. Don't pretend to like ancestors - like people!

Listen. Listen in to people. Pay attention to what makes them tick. Snoop to their likes and dislikes. Listen in to their dreams and fears. Listen in to their hobbies. Snoop to what they do. I once got a job for a guy who I couldn't even clarify what he did. But I knew adequate to know that when a guy I was standing in an crane next to (3000 miles from my home) was conversation about something I didn't understand, the two equipment I didn't appreciate matched up! I twisted to the guy in the pulley and told him I knew just the guy for the job he was conversation about. He looked derisively at me as although I couldn't probably appreciate what he was discussion about (give him accept - I didn't), and confident me that I was maybe mistaken. This was a very niche job he cool me. I austerely asked him for the website deal with and the position. He told me the website and that the attitude was for the CEO job. Within an hour my alone sent an email to my "friend" in the elevator. Two weeks later he was the CEO of the company! B-I-N-G-O!

Pursue "big-shots. " Face it; big-shots know more citizens than little-shots! So it helps to know big-shots. Now this takes some chutzpah! First, you have to deal with your own self-esteem. You have to appreciate that you are more worthy than you think you are. Secondly, you have to deal with your esteem of the big-shot. Big-shots are certainly just little-shots with a superior title (And they are by and large more interesting. Think about it: Even a pompous blowhard big-shot is more attention-grabbing than a pompous blowhard little-shot. One brags about how they sat about and watched reruns while the other sits around conceited how they took over a further company, which is absolutely more interesting).

Most of the big-shots I know are the nicest citizens you would want to know. Very few of them are jerks or think too decidedly of themselves. Once you figure this out, call them and establish yourself. Go up to them at the meeting and say hello. Note: This doesn't mean disconcert them at feast or inappropriate times - I have seen celebrated ancestors in broadcast and my friends will say, "Let's go talk to him. " I NEVER do. They are busy with their families for crying out loud! Bugging them is the best thing you can do to CLOSE your network. What I would do is walk past and imperturbably nod hello to them. They will be conscious of that you knew who they were and left them alone. Then, if you need to, drop them a line or call their office. They will commit to memory you and arrival the favor for not bugging them like everyone else does!

Be helpful. Help those who you complex with. All the time be helpful. If a big name needs something you can endow with for him or her, or a big shot you know can provide for them, be sure to offer the help. Nonentity bonds a friendship (and that is really what we are chatting about here - I want as many contacts as I can get) like selection a big shot out. I can't tell you how many times a big shot has been saying that they desired this or that and I said, "Do you know so and so? He can help you. " They got the phone add up to and customarily a few weeks later they call and say thanks. Additionally, this only builds on itself as your network grows.

Help others via those who you association with. Here is what I mean. Give people the break to help other people. For example, one time I knew someone who was going on a health mission and considered necessary to get some pharmaceutical supplies soon and at cost. I knew almost no one in the business but I did know an executive of a large band in a state that has more than it's share of drug companies. I figured he had to know somebody. It was a shot in the dark but it worked and the executive felt great being able to tap his network for the sake of needy kids in a further country.

Keep records. Names, dates, phone numbers, addresses. Whatever thing to help you remember people. Harvey Mackay has his "Mackay 66" which I think is too long, but it is the right idea. Take notes and use the in a row to build your network. A big cheese needs tickets to a State U. football game? Call that lady in accounting that graduated there. She can help!

Give more than you ask for. Eventually you have to be more of a giver than a taker. Or else you are more of a leech on the side of a association than you are a part of the network. Give to others any time you can help, have the resources, or know a big name who does. This will make you a beneficial asset in the association and associates will want you about and dynamic in the network.

Be social. The final idea is cleanly to be social. The more ancestors you know, the wider your complex will be. Not each one will be a big part of your working network, but even those who aren't offer you one of the most cherished clothes on earth - friendship.

If you want to be lucrative in this life it will take the help of other people. We pursue relationships for relationships sake, not to use people. But we are wise adequate to know that the citizens we arise friendships with are citizens who we can help and be helped by - so all of us can attain our dreams! Take the above to heart and you will absolutely Supercharge Your Network - which in turn will put you on track to live the life of your dreams!

About The Author:

Chris Widener is a admired amplifier and critic as well as the Leader of Made for Success, a business selection folks and organizations turn their budding into performance, be a success in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

To see Chris "live" at the forthcoming Jim Rohn Weekend Event as he speaks on the branch of learning of Secrets of Affect go to http://Chris-Widener. InspiresYOU. com/ or call 800-929-0434.

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