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I hope this critique finds you safe and well. I'm sure you have been as moved as I have in study the devastating break caused by Tempest Katrina. I want to use this as an chance to prompt in my opinion and all who reads this critique that affirmations alone are not enough. They are only belief tools to help you take consistent, positive, paying attention action. If all you do is do again Power Affirmations, eavesdrop to Power Affirmations, etc. , but don't allow them to move you to action, they will have no effect.

The True Power in Power Affirmations

What is the power in Power Affirmations (or any other accepted wisdom tool for that matter)? The power is belief transformed into able and persistent action. Too many times we start heartbreaking in a affirmative direction, but we allow ourselves to get distracted. And as soon as that happens, we lose momentum. Then when we progress our efforts, we have to start over again. This starting/stopping, starting/stopping habit is one that is often one of the reasons important sensation is so difficult. One of the basic purposes of Power Affirmations is to keep physically all ears on your goals. To keep the momentum towards your goals going.

The point of this is that only achievement is action.

Positive Ancestors Must Show Leadership

The other point of this note is that I deem that those of us who are positive, hands-on colonize have a responsibility to help others--especially when a major calamity strikes. If categorical associates don't step up to offer assistance, who will? There are hundreds of thousands of citizens whose lives will never be the same. The amount of the damage is about too great to comprehend.

If you have deliberate the Power Affirmations at www. poweraffirmations. com, you will see that one of the affirmations in the wealth section, is stated:

"I now give away considerable amounts of wealth to causes that I have faith in in. "

And a new one is:

"I have a accountability to accumulate vast sums of wealth by means of constructive assistance to others and to give it back to association all the way through gifts that assistance the complete community. "

Why talk about benevolent money away in a division about accumulating wealth? It's as you cannot build true wealth devoid of charitable to others. When you give intelligently, it opens up channels to accumulate more wealth. When you hoard your wealth, the channels dry up. This is one of the great paradoxes of the universe.

Support the American Red Cross

I think one of the most outstanding organizations that is equipped to help in this kind of crisis is the American Red Cross. Time and again this business is on the argument at once and for the duration when astonishing adversity strikes. They have the means and the expertise to help. What they need from us more than everything is money. They have the capacity to transform money into the very equipment the victims need in this location whether it's food, water, shelter, medicine, etc. They transform money into these equipment in the same way a commerce being transforms ideas into goods that can be sold to construct more money. There's an incredible lecture to be erudite here for those who take the time to think about it.

So I've printed this commentary in aid of the American Red Cross. Of course, I've before now made my contribution. If you decide on to donate to the American Red Cross, their website adopt is http://www. redcross. org/. It's not the first donation I've made to the Red Cross and it definitely won't be my last.

Between this catastrophe and the tsunami, the rebuilding of these communities in the US and abroad will take years and billions of dollars. BILLIONS.

Personally, I desire my bountiful to be clandestine so as to never have the advent of an mysterious motive. Watch the movie "The Magnificent Obsession" starring Rock Hudson if you want to know how I desire to carry out my giving.

The basic aim I have in black and white this commentary is for the reason that the need is so great. This is about heartening each one to take collective activist act to help an outstanding business help the victims of this disaster. Whether your donation is $5 or more, every bit helps them complete their mission.

If we work together, we will make this world into a more affirmative place for all of us. But affirmations alone are not enough. Our opinion must be translated into positive, persistent, and all ears action.

Copyright (c) 2005 Bill Marshall - All civil liberties reserved. Feel free to republish this commentary provided you bring in the copyright in a row and the weblinks where possible.

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