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I feel a loss when common sense wins over the mystical. There is a larger magic at work when you engage with Source. I deem that asset and buoyancy collective with hard work will keep marketing ethics and other cultured strategies operational well for success. I have a much altered story to tell.

I've spent many years in the corporate world and in the assistance and sales industry. Let those cultured and hard-work ethics go to engage in a association with the divine has been one of the most awkward challenges I've ever faced. So why face it? Why not stick with the old ways?

Simply put, the mystical, the divine, the basis energy, or God if you like, wouldn't let me go. No affair how hard I worked, I austerely did not see the fallout I desired. There was a transformation previously underway and I would be assumption a new way of living. You cannot deny who you truly are. As I moved away from functioning hard and all ears more and more on my gifts, passion & purpose, magical belongings began happening.

In spite of all my marketing and affair listening carefully activities, none of my prospects had befall a client and none of my projects came to life. Strangely, ancestors from crossways North America were decision me, and not often all the way through my website. As long as I engaged in a connection with the basis and exercised faith, clients began screening up. Clients that were looking for the gifts that I had to offer and the association I had to share.

This has pressed me deeper into a association with the mystical, the metaphysical, the spiritual - so many words to explain the same thing - and enthusiastic a new way of being in this world. It is much simpler, much more organic, much more peaceful, and in many respects, very easy. Well, easy when I get out of my way.

There have been times when I've been in a accomplish and utter panic over what was not materializing. I'd come close to reverting to an old blueprint and headaches would show up and more resistance in mind, body, and spirit. Contained by 24-48 hours, I'd back off from my worries, incapable to give-in and give up the dream. I'd trust and just as suddenly, plenty again made itself known.

I see this pattern, these ups & downs, as part of the guidance I am receiving. To dig out my bond with the divine. To trust source. To trust my true calling, passion and purpose. To definite more fully who I am and in that way be a much develop guide and governess to those who wish to engage in the same bond with the font of creation.

Magic lives everywhere. Being pragmatic can work, but who wants to work?

Lee Down is a Expert Coach, Trainer/Facilitator, Speaker, & Writer of One Man Can Human Funds Development that focuses on relationships, the key foundation to accomplishment in big business and life. With more than 15 years expert be subjected to and a thirst for truth and understanding, he focuses on the human apparition and human capacity.

Working with clients, he facilitates the contravention down of beliefs, barriers or obstacles that bring clients advance on their journey of discovery with spirit, energy, abundance, passion and purpose, integrating the mind and body experience. Functioning with business, he brings creative thinker leadership and connection skills to the front position that witnesses an empowered civilization evolve and arise absolutely impacting the development to the bottom-line.


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