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What do you want out of life? - attraction


What are you eager to give up in order to attain that?

We have all heard the old adage that there are no free lunches, right? Well, that is so true that it could have been one of the Ten Commandments. In order to accept something we must be agreeable to give a bit and the sum that we collect is at once fair to that which we are eager to give - be it data belongings or time.

For most of us, the most reasonable thing to give up is some of our time. Now, I know, I hear you saying, "But I don't have any free time to give up. " Well, we all find time for the equipment we exceedingly want to do, don't we? Most of us spend at least a combine of hours a day scrutiny television. If we cut out our box study for one year and then went back to examination again, the same clothes will still be going on. The only changes will in all probability be dates and names. It's as a rule too depressing to do us any good anyway.

So go ahead, let's dream a little.

If money and time were no be against what would you alteration about your life? I mean, really, what would you do altered from what you do now on a daily basis?

Where would you live? Have you ever dreamed of existing in some exotic place where the whole lot is plentiful? Where you can come and go as you please? Where you don't have to want for anything?

What kind of house would you live in? Dream existing in the most exquisite house you can think of. Don't just think of it, build it in your mind. Draw plans on paper. Look at model homes in that category. Feel the lush, green carpet of grass under your feet as you amble about the landscape. Man! Doesn't that attractive swimming pool look inviting?

What kind of car would you drive? Can't you just feel the comfy upholstery of the limo you are riding about in? Or the raw power of that sleek, mean sports car you are tooling about in?

Where would you vacation? A fasten of months my wife and I went on one of our dream vacations. We had never been on a cruise. It was our 31st wedding anniversary so we certain we would do a touch different. We booked ourselves on a cruise ship and enjoyed the Caribbean for a few days. Dream being able to just drop everything, call up the go agent, and just go. Anyplace - everywhere!

What kind of charities would you support? This goes back to what I said earlier: " In order to catch whatever thing we must be agreeable to give amazing and the sum that we catch is absolutely in proportion to that which we are disposed to give - be it cloth equipment or time. " So be equipped to give. You will want to give when you come into contact with the possessions that can be yours when you set your mind to getting it.

Really, go ahead. . . dream a little, for a character devoid of a dream is dead -- physically, and spiritually.

Now that you have your dream list, how does your acquaint with pay stack up aligned with the odds of accomplishing those dreams?

Most people, if they made a list of their 10 close friends, added up all their salaries, then not speaking by 10 it would come beautiful close to their own salary. Do you fit in with that crowd? Are you ready to do a bit about it?

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