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Truth To Live By:

What truths do you live by? Are the truths dependable? Are they consistent? Can you take some achievement and just know that the outcome will be as you anticipated. That is what you can count on when you use truth based on Collective Law. There is a set of truths that are completely even and dependable. These truths, when we act in good faith, carry just what we would assume of them. The Force of Gravity, for instance, is a animal truth that we can depend on, always. Whether we jump off a roof, or try to jump up in the air, we can all the time count on to be returned to the ground. It is the same each day. It is the same in all places on Earth. This is a animal truth or law of physics that we can count on. Common Laws work in the same way. What are they? How can we determine what they are? These laws advance the attribute of our life's experience. Collective Laws are the same for everyone. We do not have to vote on them. We do not have to agree to be governed by them. They work the same for everyone. The hit of our opinion and procedures are deliberate not by the governmental laws we pass, but by there alignment with Entire Law and the karma they generate.

Karma is a extensively implicit term in today's society. Our belief and events are continually balanced because of karma. If we offend a big name in some way, a big shot one day will offend us. If we steal from someone, a big cheese one day will steal from us. Collective Law all the time provides us with a balanced account. Cause and effect, charitable and in receipt of are continually balanced over time. There is one way to offset bad karma or to offset events that violate Entire Law. That way is forgiveness. By means of the accurate use of Exculpation we can help to consider our account.

But, let's start to bring peace and joy to our lives by crucial a set of truths, which are absolutely aligned with Entire Law. The set of truths scheduled in this newsletter are not all the truths that exist. We must work together, to acquire a dialogue to come across more basic truths until our lives are crammed with only peace and joy. But the truths programmed here are a good early point. They form a baseline. These truths will, in fact, amplify the peace and joy in your life.

Truth #1:Our Opinion Coin Our Life's Experience.

When we do amazing we do not all the time stop and dissect why we are captivating that action. Many measures arrive to be spontaneous. But, are they really? No they are not. A accepted wisdom always precedes an action. There may be hardly time among accepted wisdom and action. Weeks may pass from the time of our accepted wisdom and its action. Years may pass connecting accepted wisdom and action. But, all that we do is preceded by a thought. Why do some judgment never turn to actions? Since we negate the accepted wisdom with the conflicting thought. One day we think of going for a walk. But, we then choose the become rough is not good for a walk. We do not take the battle for the reason that we have neutralized the brain wave of walking. Our belief move in two directions. The clear direction is apparent consciously to other colonize and things. The less noticeable bearing is confidential to complete energy where it may befall a brain wave joint by a person so inclined. Begin to focus on the association connecting your judgment and dealings and accomplish how one at all times follows the other.

Truth #2: We are One Energy, Interrelated by Light.

All belongings are produced from one cause of energy. We are all fashioned from the same cause of energy. But, considerably than being separate, we delay from that energy consistent by light.

Light is the energy surrounded by that we do not yet see. Our dream has not industrial to that level of seeing. But empirically we conform to the fallout of this light. The consideration of what is within us is practical by means of the inkling and coincidences that occur in our daily activity. Many have develop into erudite about the seven charkas. These seven charkas are seven centers of energy in our body. The centers are located in the top of our heads, in the concentrate point connecting our eyes, in our throats, in our heart, in our solar plexus, just above the sexual organs, and at the base of the spine. Energy flows from the earth to the heavens and from the heavens to the earth in a permanent cycle concerning and all through these centers of energy to afford us with the life force. The energy we feel is reliant on how much we are enabling or impeding this flow of energy all the way through our body.

Truth #3: We Give What We Receive.

Cause and achieve are at the concentrate of the whole lot we encounter in life. That is the flow of karma. Our opinion are the cause and our bodily authenticity is the effect. Calculating we are one, interconnected by light, helps to be au fait with why we give what we receive. Being one, what we give we give to ourselves. The giver and receiver are one. To carry on to catch requires that we give. What we give is what we receive. If we give love we catch love. If we give money we accept money. It's like a flow of water in and out of a lake. The lake stays full and beneficial if water passes in and out of the lake.

Truth #4: Absolution resolves all conflict.

When we grant exculpation we delivery from contained by ourselves some form of fear, hate, anger, and guilt and make room surrounded by us for more love to enter. Exculpation is by the same token beneficial to the giver and to the receiver. But the giver has far more discretion on how amnesty may be used in his or her life, and, that is where the power of absolution lies. There are no limitations to forgiveness. Amnesty can be given openly to a character or personnel face to face. However, clemency is most actual when given to a character or persons, to a situation, or to an full background from contained by not including ever mentioning that exculpation to a different person. Why? As the most actual use of exculpation is to clear our own mind's paths of flotsam and jetsam and sludge. These paths have befit overflowing with fear, hate, anger, and guilt. Our capability to give and collect love is diminished. Our capability to commune to our advanced self is blocked.

Truth #5: The acquaint with is the only time that is real.

Someone once said, "The award is the only time that intersects with eternity. " The past is gone forever, never to return. The hope is not yet here. When we focus on past come across to try to characterize the future, we skip over the present. The instruction that can only be cultured by communicating in real time with our Self are denied. We carry on to make the same mistakes of the past in the future. To alteration this behavior, begin by session alone in a quiet place, and charter your belief pass generously all through your mind. Soon new ideas will begin to apparent from contained by you and you will begin to break the cycle of the past. As your time in the present, in contemplation grows more powerful, the forthcoming will begin to enlarge from the present.

Truth #6: All energy is love, which is based on truth.

What is energy? Energy is the flow of life's basis from our creator. It is both unconscious and conscious energy. It is one. All forms come from the one font of energy. As energy flows from the life cause and provides all the income we need to live, counting sun, air, and water, it is love in the form of light. It is pure and unblemished by any breathing being. It is Collective Truth, absolute. If this flow were to hang about pure, life would be peace, love, and joy. But, as energy enters our conscious mind its purity is misused by depressing opinion and by beliefs, which filter the truth that we receive. Only all through a course of distillation over time, as humans open to this energy from in in the present, will the percentage of love increase.

Truth #7: Thoughts, beliefs, and feelings filter truth.

Absolute truth is a predictable responsible guide for a peaceful elated future. If we use Common Law as a guide we are active with complete truth. However, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings previously exist in our minds. They are produced from past experiences. They are arduous to overcome. When we don't know that what we see is a mask, it is challenging to see ahead of the mask or to alter what the mask is hiding. Again, only in a deal with over time, as we befall more aware that this is reality, will we alter the thoughts, beliefs, and filters that allow light to enter with more purity. As we develop into more aligned with Collective Truth, we will see the force of this theory.

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