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10 keys to opulence - attraction


1. Everyday, in everyway, bless the universe in as much ways as possible. Small ways. Ask the universe to help you be included out how you can bless the universe. The blessings will come back to you manifold, shower over you added opportunities to carry on the grand celebration. Do it in true atmosphere as if you need nothing, treat physically as if you are previously a king who has everything. This will calm your consciousness in the approach of great quantity and having. This stabilization of consciousness is the only care you need to take. Rest will be given by law of nature. Adopt this attitude. Equipment will adjust fast. Build up the passion to bless this universe in as much ways as possible.

2. Throw away all your identification with the feelings of lack, victimization, and curse. It's all mental hypnosis acquired all through unconscious identification with the limitations acquired from mass consciousness. Be still and know that it's nil but mental chaos creating an illusion of troubles and lack, become calm in your true description or first mind by stilling the disturbance of thoughts.

3. Celebrate the whole thing life has to endow with you with deep sense of appreciation and universe will added clarify the perception of opportunities. Occasion is naught but a perception and is a conclusion of good for you state of consciousness. Be aware of one wrong beliefs or view about life in which we see life as cycle of tribulations to be fought and answers/solutions to be sought. Life has troubles which have to be all but addressed (not sensitively messed up). But life definitely can not be lived as problems. Adopt the feelings of celebration, love and care. Naught will be left undone since we are all creators jammed up in narrow identification.

4. Prosperity is stabilization of your own consciousness as a basis of joy, beauty and abundance. When you look manually identifying with the opinion of inferiority, develop physically and know that at the level of your creative nature, how infinitely agile you are!

5. All the inferiority clear when you are confined in the narrow limits of accepted mind. When we open up to the vast awareness which lies just at the back of the mind, we appreciate how we are fixed up. When you learn to live naked/empty devoid of any enduring idea or concept, you appreciate that you never considered necessary such aid and are a self supported entity. Ideas or conception are just the instrument, our realism transcends this too.

6. Trust is the most power in the universe. A anyone who trusts exclusive of a basis in the goodwill of the universe will come out of the consciousness of anxiety and its coupled symptoms/problems like lack of self-confidence of finance and relationship.

7. Stabilize in the enormity and enormity of the nameless goodbye at the back of the known/regular which is the font of problem. It is assured to live in the known, but it's furtive to live with the unknown. Most of us are stagnating with known boundaries. Those who have capacities to walk in the mysterious will be growing. Rest would be idle at the shore.

8. Growth is nonentity but stabilization of energy in the elevated nature. The knots of lower characteristics won't free but for your amount to be (not this or that), just be or existential awareness enlarges. Stop mental fight, nil good will result, as a replacement for be still. The comfort of mind when permitted to become stable doesn't get the energy and looses it hold onto you. Calm your awareness to know the peak in you.

9. Take your energy out from the objects/mental concepts and calm in your own self/source. When the energy is taken out of everyday object, your entanglements into challenge creating behaviors come down donation you a ability to know the higher. Bring to mind that you not into creating just the article of your conception but more outstandingly you are into the affair of experiencing your own grandeur. Keep your affection of who are to be the most chief criteria of creation your choices. Enhance your perception of authenticity by celebration of one's own being and its significance. The point is to ascertain the grandest of atmosphere state of who you are and corresponding actuality is not far. The ambiance of your life is the centre of your attraction in your life. If you feel bad about life, you will catch the attention of the position which will add details to the badness. If you celebrate life with deep gratitude, that's would be the centre of attraction for procedures and state of affairs to unfold. Desire to be as grand as achievable in your ambiance and dignity for manually as well for the world. You will never run short of income to give life to the beloved reality.

10. Growth is the clever change of energy amplifying the limits of who we are. Who you are is what you create. If you can perceive your own beauty and power contained by or in call with this universe, naught stops its manifestation.

Author: Santosh Kunte - Mumbai India. An avid bookworm of the spiritual knowledge, business adjust and executive. Loves comprehension deliberation and sharing. You can reach me for your beneficial advice or you can reach me for your harms of finance, affiliation etc. by reducing an e-mail to me on sskunte2@rediffmail. com


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