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"Where you find by hand tomorrow is a behave of the decisions and measures you take today" -Akin A. Awolaja

Like the song by Linda Ronstadt, "a dream is a wish that your heart makes. " To lose a dream is to die a a small amount yourself. It means dying down the part of you that can soar above the certainty of your in progress life to see new and exciting possibilities.

It is chief to talk about your dreams to your friends, best is to write-down your dreams that will give you direction, a end to work hard and a passion. It is also crucial to share your dreams with people, who, you feel will be happy with your failure, doing that means you will be more all ears and will be haulage a barely bit extra pressure.

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1. Circumscribe THE DREAM

First you must know what you can accomplish in your heart and mind. If you are not sure of this, the game is over. You will never accomplish whatever thing if you don't first have faith in you can. Every act starts with a thought, good or bad. One good thing to do is to write closely what it is you want to do, become, accomplish. This will make it more real to you, and cements in your mind what it is you exceedingly want to do. Sit down with paper and pen. Delimit Closely what it is in your heart that you dream of. (Hint, the better the dream, the harder to achieve. . . but as long as you are geared up to give what it takes, you'll find a place in the chart of things. )

2. Delve into THE DREAM

Take an action, any events towards your goal. This starts you physically functioning to accomplish your goal. Do this every day. And appraisal what you have accomplished every week, so that you can see your progress. Write down what you have done to lead you towards your goal, (at least every month for you non writers). This way you can analysis your steps at the end of each year, and see how you are progressing.

3. Custom THE DREAM

Don't allow lack of enthusiasm to take root. Don't worry if you have a setback. There will be times that you are ill, or not progressing for some reason. Don't make it into a catastrophe! Know that you are progressing even if it is not perfect, and continue. When you make the challenge better than it is, you have a affinity to quit, and in starts the "I don't know why I even accepted wisdom I could do all this, it is useless" type of thinking. This will abolish all your progress, plans, dreams much more rapidly that having a a small amount set back will! Be aware of this damaging belief and nip it in the bud. Bring to mind each has setbacks, and problems. The ones that are booming just keep going when others quit.

4. Amend THE DREAM

If amazing doesn't go the exact administration you belief it must have, adjust the situation. If you find that you accepted wisdom you sought after the big dream, but then you apprehend that your dream didn't bring in all the babble that goes along with one of those in argument for your "other dream(s)," (perhaps your children or job?), it is Entirely alright to adapt your dreams to accommodate each other. Unfortunately, some dreams command 24-hour commitment to maintain. (Ask any expert who is a megastar in their field. )

5. PURSUE THE DREAM Don't give up. That's the first thing A person booming who is bountiful guidance says, so it MUST be true. (Ok, it's cute commonsense that if you DO give up, your odds will go way down. . . ) What I'm certainly aphorism is leave no stone unturned. Take gain of all opportunities, work, work, work at it.

Don't allow lack of enthusiasm to take root. Don't worry if you have a setback. There will be times that you are ill, or not progressing for some reason. Don't make it into a catastrophe! Know that you are progressing even if it is not perfect, and continue. When you make the challenge bigger than it is, you have a bias to quit, and in starts the "I don't know why I even brain wave I could do all this, it is useless" type of thinking. This will annihilate all your progress, plans, dreams much more rapidly that having a hardly set back will! Be aware of this denial idea and nip it in the bud. Commit to memory all has setbacks, and problems. The ones that are doing well just keep going when others quit.


Remember that each time you sing, play, write, perform, discuss, pitch, etc. , you are creating a realism that chains your dream. Don't disregard to admire the barely steps, as well as the big. You write a birthday song for your sister-in-law, and it makes her cry with your kindness. Your song is used in a battle for adoption, and even if it didn't earn a dime, it was perfect, and said so much to so many. A peer complimented your journalism at a contemporary song pitch. You were the hit of the convergence musical. GOOD FOR YOU! It all matters.

All these belongings make us more professional, and give us the reasons for doing the work. They are as critical as the royalties, and deepen our life of music. Don't overlook them.

7. Be conscious of YOUR DREAM

Did you know that most of your hardly steps are a big name else's big dream? Some colonize would give a great deal to have the opening to act upon ONE karaoke song in front of an audience. . . or have any person use a song for any reason. . . . or play a great guitar lick. . . or own a computer. . . or you name it. Be glad about the skills and opportunities God has blessed you with that you might even have a dream.

Remember that hit is built on all our barely decisions we have made over a age of time. It doesn't come in overnight, but is built brick by brick. That is why it is so chief to write down our comings and goings every week. So you can see them! This way we can see the bricks we are using to build with, and make corrections along the way.

Your SWOT Analysis, to Chase your Dream

Going after the dream can feel so demoralizing it's often easier to have the fantasy than to live it. Here's my basic philosophy. I don't want to get to 80, look back at my life and think "Ooops! I wish I had. . . " I want to know I've lived all the life I've been given, anything that means. So what are your dreams?

What's Investment You Back?

A. I might fail (public humiliation)
B. I might be a success (other people's high expectations)
C. It's too challenging at my age
D. I'll never find the time
E. Associates will think I'm 'too big for my boots'
F. I don't know how to begin
G. Who am I? There are other citizens far more qualified
H. I don't have adequate self-confidence

It's All Right to Be Frightened

Fear, concern, disquiet are biological feelings so don't be expecting to be incoming a new venture exclusive of some beautiful intense emotions. You have to choose whether you're going to give them more room in your head than the excitement, anticipation and joy that are by the same token present. If you listen in too much to the anxious feelings, they'll tell you to stop ahead of you begin. Get an image in your head of you at your most booming and let her have more room than the 'little' you that will keep you small if you let her. Draw a self-portrait of your booming self. Start a autograph album and put her on page one. One of my scrapbooks is full with cartoons, my own drawings (really bad ones I might add!), poetry (mine and others), nail clippings from magazines and newspapers, everything that helped me circumscribe my dream.

Identify the Skills You By now Have

Being a booming requires courage, tenacity, planning, determination and flexibility. All those qualities are also essential for any new venture. For one-month keep a journal in your autograph album of the lot you do in your daily life and the qualities and skills you use to do them. Then assume physically in your new bustle and list the skills you'll need, marking a tick next to the ones you before now have.

Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Be realistic. You may dream of being a ballet comedian at 45, but it's mighty doubtful to happen. However, you could get complicated in set design, dress assembly or any come to of correlated areas. One of the tribulations that colonize with difficult dreams come across is that they make them so big, that not only is it dodgy they'll be able to accomplish them, it is evenly liable that they will be the best apology never to begin. I'm a great believer in impracticable dreams (I have them myself. ), but make sure they can be conked out down into 'bite-size' chunks, so that you can see a beginning, center and end to each chunk. If my dream is to be a Booker prizewinner I can stay in my head autographing first editions and never start the first page. Or I can keep a journal every day, send a short piece into the rural community newsletter and write lettering to the editor of my choice magazine as a way of enthusiastic my skills as a writer.


Go all the way through your attend to book and see if there's anybody among your in progress friends, relatives and connections who knows a touch about the area you are attracted in. Don't think in terms of what they can do, considerably what or who they know. Classify who's previously doing what you want to do and ask to pick their brains. It may seem quite a bold thing to ask but, in my experience, associates are by and large quite generous about decisive others what they know (good for their ego too) and will give not only convenient pointers but will alert you of pitfalls as well.

Learn To Sell Yourself

If you don't think you have a touch to offer, why be supposed to everybody else? You don't have to wave a banner to sell yourself, but self-deprecation won't do it either. An bring to bear to do with your assist group is to dream manually as a product. What's exclusive about you the product? Why would a big shot want to 'buy' this product? Who are your 'customers'? How will you reach them? Odd questions to ask yourself, but they will put a new slant on looking at by hand more objectively. Then you need to build a Marketing Plan to launch this new creation onto the world.

Create Your Marketing Plan: Back To The Future

I know this sounds obvious, but the digit of associates I've met who have huge dreams and no plans astonishes me. The best way to make a plan that I know is to start with your end point and work backwards. Begin with your goal and think of what would have happened just ahead of you reached it, then what would have happened just already that, and so on till you reach the award day. Draw a graph of what needs to come to pass when and be clear about the milestones - those key essentials that must be in place for your plan to work well. Put people's names next to the milestones. And most chief of all, make sure you construct a account so you know what funds you'll have to call upon at each stage.

A plan must make you feel supported, assure and freed up. If it feels like a burden, you've got the wrong plan.


Dreams are important, a first step to move up and high in life. Have a dream and then work hard, harder and hardest to attain your dream. Had it not been for a dream, we would not have been in this world as we are alive today.

Dreams are exceedingly important. You can't do it except you can assume it. -- George Lucas

To attain the awe-inspiring is accurately the fantastic that must be thought. -- Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

And as printed by one writer:

When effects go wrong, as they at times will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is urgent you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us at times learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up although the pace seems slow -
You may be a success with a different blow.
Often the goal is earlier than
It seems to a faint and hesitant man;
Often the struggler has given up,
Whe he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he academic too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the blonde crown.
Success is breakdown crooked exclusive out -
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit -
It's when clothes seem worst that you must not quit.

Looking advance to your commentary and opinion Have a great day and take care.


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