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The other day I was on foot out of a store and a guy who appeared to be down-and-out stepped up to me and asked if I could spare some change. I gave him a few dollars and struck up a discussion with him. I attention I would share some assured in sequence with him and do you know what? He got aggressive and told me to leave him alone. He said he LIKED his life just the way it was and walked away from me-angry. (He did take the money though. ) I attention that was a bit strange-not that he took the money but, how could he like a life where whether or not he ate depended on whether or not a big cheese else gave him a few dollars. But, hey, as my protect use to say, "to each his own". Personally, I don't have faith in he likes his life. I do deem that HE believes that there is naught he could do about it and he has lived that way for so long that he easily has adapted to the life style and sees it as normal. All of his acquaintances are in all probability in the same circumstances that he is in and they too have adapted and established it as a way of life.

What about you? What have you adapted as a way of life that is allowing you to live below your means or your standards? Maybe you have adapted to a job or a career that is below your standards, where, deep classified of you, you know that you deserve better. But you stay as it's comfortable or as all of your links hate their job too, so it seems conventional to you.

Or maybe you are in a bond that you know is not good for you, or for your best interest, but you stay for the reason that it's customary and all of your acquaintances are in relationships that are akin to yours. Their partners are cheating on them, or their partners are treating them badly, too. So, hey, it must be normal.

Maybe your pecuniary location isn't what you hoped it would be, but you have been broke for so long that you think it is average and all of your contacts are broke too, so you are OK where you are at-borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and barely assembly it to your next pay day.

You do know that is not the way it is aimed to be, don't you? You do know that the analyze you are in that boat is for the reason that you have industrial a variety of routine that allow you to hang about in that boat, don't you? You do apprehend that the analyze all of your associates are in the same boat that you are in is as like attracts like (the Common Law of Attraction) and consequently the ancestors that you be a magnet for to manually will be like-minded and their spirits will be aligned with yours.

It is not that it is normal. It is that you have MADE it conventional by your thinking, your behaving and your believing.

You deem that this is the only job or type of job that you can get. So, therefore, it IS the only job or type of job you can get.

You consider that this is the only partner you can have and that any one else will maybe treat you the same way so you might as well stay with this character for the reason that at least you are comfortable with this person-their lifestyle and their ways. Besides, who has time to train a big name else to put up with your stuff?

You have faith in that you will never be able to find the money for the lifestyle that you appeal so you go on to live the lifestyle that you are living. You know that you came from a breed of broke colonize so what makes you so distinctive that you can break the cycle? Heck, your priest made only $5 an hour. You are assembly $10 so you are creation bend what he made. What makes you think you can make more?

People, I am here to tell you that you are a prisoner of your feelings and beliefs. Learn to alter those belief and beliefs, and you will adjustment your LIFE.

This is a new year. Break the cycle.

Break the chains that held you back for the past five years. If you were to think back on your life the past five years, are you in a change for the better place, or are you in the same place, or even worse, are you in a worse place than you were five years ago?

Just as you didn't have last year, doesn't mean you can't have this year.

Just for the reason that you were in a cheap affiliation last year, doesn't mean you have to be in one this year.

Just as you were in a job that you hated last year, doesn't mean you have to be in one this year.

Break the chain. Alteration the cycle.

The other day, I wasn't affection well so I spent most of my day in bed inspection television. I have IO Cable, which has HBO on Ask and I absolute to watch the movie 50 First Dates. Have you ever seen that movie? If not, it's a movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Drew's charm was in a car accident, which caused her to lose her short-term memory. She could bring to mind the whole thing that happened up until the point of her accident. But she cannot hold any in a row after she goes to sleep at night. So each morning, she wakes up, with no recall of what happened the day before.

That is what you will have to do with your bad habits. Well, not quite that dramatic. But if you can do that to a a selection of extent-completely wipe your conscious clean of all of your bad practice and interchange them with new, assured and empowering opinion and beliefs, you will be able to entirely alter your life and aim it the way you aspiration it.

You can do that you know? You have the power to do it. God has given us the aptitude to do that. You can start right now. No more excuses. Let's do it. This year, let's get elevated and elevated and earlier to our dreams. I'm down. Are you?

ACTION POINT: Wipe your slate clean. Don't think about what has been event in the past with your life. Think only of the clothes that you appeal for the future. Keep your opinion on positive, empowering things. Consider that you can have it and you will. Make this the year that you start to BELIEVE. Accept as true in yourself. Consider that God is with you at all times and with him all effects are possible. Have faith in that this is the year where you will get senior and faster to your dreams!

Dawn Fields is a motivational speaker, biographer and life coach who teaches how to detect your life's determination and incorporate it into a profitable career. Visit her web site at http://www. dawnfields. com and be sure to sign up for Your Life's Aim newsletter by distribution a blank email to dawn@dawnfields. com with SUBSCRIBE in the business line. Tune in Thursdays at 9 p. m. EST to her live radio advertise at http://www. dawnfields. com/radioshow. htm


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