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Hello Creative Entrepreneurs!

I hope this finds you all doing well and alive & loving your passions!

Today I want to talk about creativity, the law of attrcation and networking.

Let's start with creativity--YOUR creativity! Creativeness is limitless. . . . it comes from the endless sea of creation!

I AM easily the mechanism to help you discover, embrace, acquire and develop your own inborn creativity!

The belief for the day: "Your courage and determination to accomplish something will take you far, even even if actions may be emotive a hardly slower than you would prefer. Even if you don't see immediate domino effect today, don't doubt that you are planting the seeds for forthcoming wealth and hit today!"

Remember, creativeness and entrepreneurship is about evolving. A creative evolution. No be of importance where you are in the stage of your creativity, your affair or your goals.

Some of you are just initial out and others are lucrative entrepreneurs looking to develop their ideas and affair or looking for new inspiration--a breath of fresh air, a new edge or way to complete your idea to give you a quantum leap in your life initial today. The present! That's certainly all we have-the here and now.

One of my sayings is "Enjoy your journey, it's certainly all you have!" And that's true. The gift is in the present, alive it to the fullest!

Now I would like to share with you the definitions of imagination and create:

Creativity as clear by the phrase book is:

1 : the characteristic of being creative, or the aptitude to create


1 : to bring into being 2 a : to invest with a new form, office, or rank b : to bring into being or bring about by a avenue of battle or deeds 3 : CAUSE, Chance a : to be the source of by means of imaginative skill b : Aim intransitive senses : to make or bring into continuation a bit new

"Creativity is about pallor exterior the lines,and entrepreneurship is about alive beyond the box!" -JJK

* * * * * * * * * *

The Law of Attraction

I have faith in in the law of attraction and I would like to acknowledge some of the broad range of extraordinary creative students and entrepreneurs that I had the pleasure of having on one of my fresh tele-seminars: Inspiration & Entrepreneurship: The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Propoerty!

They incorporated a group of female entrepreneurs, an Imperial Feng Shui Master, romance "Matchmaker for Millionaires", book publisher, brilliant artist, symphonic musical composer, two whale experts, holistic gardener, certified photographer, two radio and tv talk show hosts, 4 or 5 authors, etc.

I was delighted to have all of them in my seminar, as each of them brought a rich and exceptional credentials and energy to the group. This was beyond doubt an case of the "Law of Attraction". . . . like-mined those advent together!

* * * * * * * * * *


I was so impressed with the broad range of students, their talents and big business expertise that I invited them to be part of my JJK VIP Networking Colloquium so that they could complex and share their gifts, goals and armed forces as a group.

It was tremendously booming and I have since established many quantum leap accomplishment stories!

Some of them include: funding for two projects, partnerships formed, 7 new blogs created, 2 new e-books completed, numerous publishing offers, literary agents signed, a number of new businesses launched and much more. . . . all in the last 30-45 days! Amazing! Congratulations to all of them!

It makes me feel so good when I hear from my students, and to know that I have inspired them in such a big way. They have done the same for me.

Remember: We are all in this together!

Live & Love Your Passions!

John Joseph Kennedy

Join one of JJK's dynamic tele-seminars--see website below.

JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY Head & CEO JJK Enterprises - John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. Founder, JJK Instruct of Entrepreneurship? (A Big business Franchise)

International award-winning speaker, 2004 Presidential Candidate, author, marketing guru and capitalist extraordinaire. Mr. Kennedy is the biographer of Imagination & Entrepreneurship© and The 72-Hour Entrepreneur?

As a journalist and writer, JJK has more than 100 news bylines to his credit, and more than 5,000 clause have been on paper about him worldwide. His work and inspiring life-giving communication and speeches have reached television, radio, newspaper and live audiences of more than 100 million colonize in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, England, India, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Africa, and other countries.

JJK's e-mail: JJK@JJKEnterprises. com
Websites: http://www. JJKEnterprises. com

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