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One of the first instruction that "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" teaches is about accord and scheming fear and greed. Many ancestors go to work and work hard not to learn more and to grow, but out of fear that they won't have a sufficient amount money to pay their bills. So early in their lives they form the blueprint of:

Get up
Go to work
Pay their bills
Get up
Go to work
Pay their bills
Sound familiar?

Then when they get more money, moderately than using it to acquire assets that will become more intense their forthcoming income, they spend it on luxuries (which Rich Dad calls "doodads"). . .

Things get worse when they start borrowing money to buy more doodads or just to survive. When they get the new belief card or the new loan, uninhibited aspiration sets in and they begin export more than they should. They be converted into very good at accumulating doodads and debts considerably than cash producing assets. Then when the bills come in, fear sets in and they feel the need to go to work-not since they enjoy what they do or to augment their knowledge, but since they are scared of not having an adequate amount money. This is the rat race. Breathing (if you want to call it that) from income to paycheck.

So, if you want to get charge of and amplify your wealth, the first thing you must do is to get check over your fear and your greed. That can only come to pass by captivating back be in command of of your inner representations: the clothes you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell in your mind. This is a little only you can do. But if you are like me, you need tools to help you to adjust your brain wave habits. That's where affirmations, assured audio programs, books, and seminars play a very central role. Just earning a lot of money will not help you deal with the emotions of fear and greed. You can only master your emotions by mastering your mind.

Stop listening to what others are suggesting/telling you to do (like Corporations because of their advertisements). Decide your own accepted wisdom habits. Below are some further affirmations based on my continual study of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. But there is nonentity preventing you from creating your own. If you need help creating your own Power Affirmations, you can study the other articles in this site. Once you learn a few clear-cut rules, it is enormously easy. Used properly, Power Affirmations will advance your brain wave habits. And when you advance your attention habits, your whole world will improve.

Here are some new affirmations:

As I work to learn, I ascertain new opportunities to augment and multiply my wealth everyday.

1) I work to learn, and my augmented comprehension multiplies my wealth.

2) For the reason that I'm effective to learn, I see and take help of new opportunities that others miss.

3) Using my thoughts, I coin new opportunities for for myself everyday.

4) I am now the master of my emotions and my money.

5) I am now audacious and intelligent. I add to my money by bravely compelling clever risks and administration my expenses.

6) When outstanding opportunities acquaint with themselves, I seize them briefly and decisively.

7) I adjust my situation by correcting my thinking. I take conscientiousness for the position in my life.

8) I am now passionate about studying wealth and abundance.

9) I work to add and to build new opportunities for in my opinion and other people.

10) I acknowledge the truth about my emotions, and because of the power of my mind, I use my emotions to construct assured and lasting change.

11) By mastering my emotions, I am now a master of the power of the money in my life.

12) I learn the life education contained by my circumstances.

13) My situation are receiving develop all the time.

14) I find new ways to construct money that does not demand my presence.

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