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"Your good name and your reputation are EVERYTHING! ? Guard them at all costs!" my member of the clergy used to say to me when I was a lad.

Even at a young age, I knew there was amazing central in what my dad was difficult to tell me. It was not hard to be au fait with that if Billy Smith or Bobby Jones did a little wrong and wound up in the paper they'd enjoy a selection of obscurity due customarily to the commonality of their names. My children name, however, was quite rare and my priest never let me not recall the fact that if my name appeared in the paper, 1) all would know who I was and 2) my misdeeds would bring debase not only to me but chiefly my family.

Not surprisingly, this lecture had a categorical bearing on my life both back then at the age when boys are more apt to get themselves into anxiety and still today as I cross my way all the way through more contemporary challenges having established the fact [albeit reluctantly] I am now middle-aged.

Sadly, too many in today's association were not given the mentoring education I was as evidenced by an about endemic come to discontented souls who may have been led off course by clothes like the 1960's mantra, "Tell it like it is!" and/or the 1980's, "If it feels good, Just do it!"

Now beforehand anyone gets the consciousness I think I'm a contestant for beatification, I'll admit I'm far from it. One need only look at my amply stocked skeleton closet for proof. The point I would try to emphasize, though, is, exclusive of the instruction I customary from my parents, I could by a long shot have taken a very different, i don't know more destructive path in life than the one I chose.

I guess what I'm annoying to say is, "Thanks, mom and dad, for the education you qualified me. "

That said, would it be too 'middle-aged' of me to point out the youth today [here it comes] don't arrive on the scene to be being paid the same life-skills instruction that maybe we enjoyed in our developmental years? You may think me a hardly paranoid but as the paranoid guy once said, "Just for the reason that I'm paranoid does not mean I'm not being followed!"

Before I get off onto a rant, my issue in this condition is not with the young ancestors so much as it is in pointing out the capability ramifications a lack of deep-seated education can have in the hope when for example,we look at a age bracket like mine that, at least in my opinion, customary more community instruction than today's up-and-comers.

What I would fairly focus on is the affirmative aspects of next an conventional benign common protocol, which, among other things, finds foundation in the magnitude of one's reputation and good name.

Never was this class made more clear to me than a few years ago at a Christmas gala in Montreal where some 2000+ bigwigs in the oil big business had gathered. My father, a vice leader of shipping at the time, had spent all his operational life in the oil big business - a affair that at the best of times had it's fair share of shall we say, 'liberal ethics-interpreters'. Do to say it was a bit of a aggressive industry.

Throughout the night I was introduced to some of the largest and most influential names in the oil affair who had communication with my minister and his company.

One by one and devoid of immunity each executive said appealing much the same thing to me: "Your old man, here, is the most decent man I know! He's the only guy in the whole damn conscientiousness who if he gives you his word or shakes your hand, you can take it to the bank cause it's as good as an ironclad contract!"

I was fairly astonished but very proud, in particular as I knew the minimum deals my dad did were in the seven-figure category.

Sometimes we learn from our parents not by what they say but considerably by inspection what they do.

More often, however, we learn most by studying history. For example;

During China's War of the Three Kingdoms (A. D. 207-265) the great Broad-spectrum Chuko Liang, sent his vast army to a cool camp while he rested in a small town with only a hundred soldiers or so to guard him. Soon word came that his enemy Sima Yi, along with over 150,000 troops were approaching the city. With only a handful of men of his own, Broad-spectrum Liang's fate seemed imminent.

The two Generals had battled many times ahead of and knew each other well. Both were great warriors but Liang was known as the 'Sleeping Dragon' and had a reputation for being unpredictable and exceptionally cunning. He had won many battles by luring enemies into traps.

With word of the approaching army and ridiculously outnumbered, Liang prepared his men to cursorily take down all flags, delete their uniforms and hide. He then put on a Taoist robe and sat atop the most evident part of the city wall where he lit incense, strummed his lute and began to chant - and wait.

Soon Sima accompanied by his 150,000 soldiers stood at the city gates where they immediately acclaimed the man on the wall.

Despite the fact his troops were impatient to invade what appeared to be an imprudent city, Sima Yi, hesitated, held them back, and calculated Liang on the wall. Then ? he planned an close and breakneck retreat!

At the mercy of his enemy, facing a selection of death, Common Liang had only one stick at his disposal - his name and reputation.

The Foot Line:

The message here, like so many rules for accomplishment and prosperity, lies in the deep accepting and wisdom no doubt conceded down by my grandfather to my priest who in turn agreed on to me, "Your good name and your reputation are EVERYTHING! ? Care for them at all costs!"

And as history's All-purpose Chuko Liang so cleverly demonstrated - care for your name and reputation and just maybe one day they'll come back the favor!

Paul Shearstone

About The Author

Paul Shearstone aka The 'Pragmatic Persuasionist' is one of North America's chief experts on Sales and Persuasion. An Worldwide Essential Speaker, Author, Writer, Motivation / Time & Stress Management Specialist, Paul enlightens and challenges audiences as he informs, motivates and entertains. To criticism on this critique or to book the Pragmatic Persuasionist for your next flourishing event we ask to commerce Paul Shearstone completely at 416-728-5556 1-866-855-4590.

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