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Most of us don't want to admit we have a dark side. And from that dark side we do appeal to some ugly stuff. I was given the gift of a vivid exhibit of just how ugly my anger and feelings of injustice truly are.

Let me set the scene: I had purchased a touch via telephone, using my accept card. Later, I was not happy with this product. I accepted wisdom it would be constructive in my business, but later exposed that it was NOT what I needed. I asked the circle to refund my money and they said they would not. I was ambiance quite angry about that and then I got my Master Card Statement. Well, this circle had electric me $100 MORE than the price they had advertised on their website.

I was livid! I called the acclaim card ballet company and tried to get it taken off my bill. But their representitive asked me: "What is their refund policy?" And I replied, they said they would not give a refund. "Well, then we can't refund any of your money. " I argued that they had overcharged me and that I had "returned" the purchase. She told me that since their "policy" was not to give refunds, and I did not have proof of what I was saying, they would not refund or "chargeback" my money. And that was that! Now I was truly volatile. My blood anxiety was WAY up there. And I was packing my personal effects to take a much-needed three-day rest at a adjoining spa. I was agreed choked with anger, bile and great feelings of injustice as I drove the hour and a half to my place of R & R (rest and relaxation).

Ah, the limestone springs. The water is so dense with raw materials and salts that it is impracticable to sink. This water is denser than the Dead Sea and very curative as well. I was enjoying myself, hovering about quietly, when this man struck up a chat with me. Not only did he disrupt my delightful repose, but as he spoke to me, he took hold of my neck bolster and began to toss it about as if it were his. I was floored! It was a assured break of my individual boundaries, but I didn't quite know how to retrieve my belonging.

As if that were not bad enough, this man's dialect was cleanly VILE. Every other word was curse and he kept referring to ancestors as 'snakes. ' He was dialogue at the top of your voice and aggressively. I was aid away from him yet he was staying right in my face. Finally, I said amazing like, "I need to go now. Can I have my bolster back?"

When I returned to my room, I asked for myself the question: "What did I do to be a focus for such a vile man?" All of a sudden, I understood. He was a absolute deliberation of the anger I had been atmosphere right ahead of I left home.

Wow! What an awe-inspiring display of the Law of Attraction by default. I repented right then and there of having select to focus on what I accepted wisdom was an injustice. I realized that if I had manifested such a vile man into my space, then indeed, I was vibrating a vile vibration.

I managed to calm down and spend the rest of my time resting. By the time I returned home, I was in a place of quiet confidence and I wrote to the ballet company I had been so angry with, and easily told them that I was an dejected buyer and to alteration that they would need to give me a refund of half the money I had paid them.

Well, they contracted to that apply for and sent me a cheque for the quantity I asked for. That's the good part of this story. No, the best part of this story is the class I learned:

You WILL be a magnet for the image of what you are vibrating.

Do you have a clandestine dream, appeal or hope?

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Rebecca Hanson, Master LOA Coach-Rebecca Hanson has been out of the personnel for 30 years, raising a large family, when she open the Law of Attraction. At an age when most colonize are belief about retirement, Rebecca was just receiving started. In five short years, she leveraged this authoritative law to turn her life about and start seven lucrative businesses. Rebecca teaches others how to channel the Law of Attraction so they, too, can have careers that are profitable, exciting and rewarding.

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