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In his all time best promotion book, Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentions in his first part that all through the book he will be referring many times to "The Carnegie Secret. " He said he would not tell you what that cloak-and-dagger is, but when you are ready, it will jump off the page and into your brain. He said, "When the Apprentice is ready - the master will appear. " The doors will open - the illumination will turn green - the ideas will come - the money will come - the citizens will be there to help you.

Since 1970 we have been coaching the doctrine of sensation that Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to study and share with the world. Napoleon Hill spent his intact era researching the most booming associates of all times from about the world.

Many, many times in our classes, workshops, talks, rallies, and in our Master Mind Alliance Hit Club meetings we have asked this distrust to those in our listeners who had read the book Think and Grow Rich,

What is The Carnegie Classified that Napoleon Hill referred to in his book?

We got all kinds of guesses and some answers that were a bit close.

Here is ------- The Carnegie Secret

1. Have a certain major purpose.

What is the most central thing you would like to accomplish in your lifetime? Try to circumscribe it in one paragraph, even if you have to keep rewriting it a hundred times until it gets as clear as possible. It has to be the most crucial thing in your life. Mahatma Gandhi's convinced major aim was to win disinterestedness for India from their British rulers. He succeeded. Dr. Martin Luther King's was equality and the end of oppression for black people. General practitioner Jonas Salk's was to find the cure and end for polio. Thomas Edison's was the bright light bulb. What is yours?

If you don't at present have what you feel is a convinced major purpose, then have a assured major drive to find your convinced major purpose.

It has to be amazing you want so bad that you think about it all of the time.

2. Be agreeable to stake your total being on achieving It.

Don't Quit. There Are Many Starters In Life, But Very Few Finishers - When The Going Gets Tough They Quit. A character with a certain major drive never gives up - no be of importance how long and tough the road is; instead, they be converted into more determined. Jack London was cast off over 600 times already he at length sold his first piece of writing. Thomas Edison essentially futile over 9,999 times ahead of he perfected the bright light bulb, and over 5,000 times already he perfected the world's first disc spinner best player. There will be times when the whole thing in you will tell you to quit - to stop trying, but if you hang in there, eventually, you will - you must succeed. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Persistence is the power to hold on in spite of the whole lot - to endure.

It's the aptitude to face defeat constantly not including benevolent up-to push on even in the face of great effort or danger. Determination means charming pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that is basic to reach your goals. You win, since you junk to be converted into dispirited by your defeats. Those who confound are those who endure.

3. Keep growing your desire.

There are many "firemen" in life that will come along and try to put your fire of appeal out. They will give you all kinds of reasons why your idea or goal won't work and tell you to give it up, not remember it, or tell you "You can't do it. " You have to be converted into an Arsonist. An arsonist sets fires. Every crack of dawn when you wake up you have to re-light and re-build the intensity of your fire of desire. You have to eat it, sleep it, walk it, talk it, and concentrate on it until it becomes a red-hot flaming, burning, obsessional appeal that will in the long run mow down all of the challenger you will face all the way through each day. If you don't, your Hiss of aspiration will bubble down to nothing. I'm not suggestive of that you stop chatting to or since your children and links - what I'm axiom is to keep paying attention day and night, seven days a week. This will bring into play: The law of amicable attraction. Your burning appeal becomes a magnet. You will appeal to that which you need; the ideas and plans, the money you need, and the citizens you need to help you. They will finally be drawn concerning your desire.

4. Have bulldog determination AND Firmness That Will In the long run Mow Down All Opposition.

Expect lots of problems, adversities, and depression along the way. Go about it - go over it - go under it - or dig a hole because of it - but don't ever turn back. Make your Convinced Major Drive the dominating attention in your mind. It is a known fact that ancestors who have had great achievement - produced the habit of assembly an "obsession" of their Clear-cut Major Purpose. Andrew Carnegie said to put all of your eggs in one basket and then watch the basket. Andrew Carnegie's certain major purpose, which he wrote down at an early age and kept in his desk, was to earn as much money as he can in life and then, in the end, to set up the Carnegie Foundation to give it all away to laudable causes. Even after his death long ago, the Carnegie Foundation is still bountiful away millions every year to help mankind.

I have been credo The Knowledge of Accomplishment Achievement Choice since 1970. There were many times when I trained the classes to as many as ten altered groups per week. Some in major hotels, some in large corporate exercise rooms, in the YMCA, in hundreds of real estate and indemnity offices, in prisons, rehab centers, and for many sales and marketing groups of people.

In all of my classes, (There were ten break free 4-hour lessons to the course,) I at all times told my students at the end of the first class - "For your grounding this week, I want you to read the first four chapters of Think And Grow Rich (I constantly had stacks of the book there to sell them. ) As you read each page, write a list of all of the equipment the cause is illuminating you to do and the equipment he is decisive you not to do. Then, I want you to carry that list with you every day and keep reviewing your list and keep doing the clothes the creator told you to do. And then come back to the class #2 next week and tell the class about the list you made, what events you took as a conclusion of conception the book, and what outcome you got. "

At the activation of the class on the next week I would continually start out by asking - By a show of hands, how many of you read the first four chapters of Think And Grow Rich? About 2% would raise their hands. The rest didn't take the time to read it. Then I would ask the 2% How many of you read the first four chapters and made the list I told you to make of all of the belongings the biographer told you to do? Commonly about three hands went up. I asked each of them - How many items do you have on your list of the equipment the biographer told you to do? The first character said three. The back up anyone said nine. The third being said - 90 items

I asked the anyone who had ninety on her list to come to the front of the classroom.

I said to the others - You associates paid good money to take this avenue for the reason that you required to accomplish bigger success. How can you count on the fallout you hoped for if you aren't eager to take notes and to put in custom what you are learning?

Then I had the lady read from her list of 90 items. And the class was astounded at how able and chief the equipment on her list were.

I asked the class - How many of you are speed reader? All kinds of hands went up. Then I told them about an episode when I was at a party and a big shot asked me what I do for a living. I told him that I teach a avenue based about the book Think And Grow Rich. He said, "That's a book that we teach from at our speed comprehension school. " Then I asked him, "What were the best education you cultured from the book?" He tried to think and then said, "I don't bring to mind that book so well. " I later found out that he was a speed-reading instructor. I brain wave to for myself - There's a guy that can read 10,000 words a exact and consider nothing.

Think And Grow Rich is so able that it's the kind of book you have to read very leisurely and carefully, many times until it becomes a part of your life and habits. I have been comprehension the book every year since 1970. Each year I pull it back off the shelf and let it fire me up for the achievement of my new goals for the year.

The End

Rick Gettle © 2004

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